Flamboyant Fun. In collaboration with Wiggly Wiggles. Shoot Courtesy- Guneet.

Hey again! We hope everything is wonderful on your side! Let’s add up to the good times with one of our craziest collaboration with a close friend and fellow fashion blogger, Meher Cheema.

Meher runs her fashion and lifestyle blog by the name ‘Wiggly Wiggles’, we’ll link her social handles below. We’ve known Meher for a long time, and as we planned this shoot, we knew it would be a crazy one. This was more like flaunting our outfits on a day out with friends.

We worked with a young and talented photographer for this one, Guneet, links to her social handles also provided below. Darn she’s good!


2016-03-26 08.31.15

Starting off with the fun part, tried some goofy poses.


Trying to be filmy eh?


They say using a good prop takes a normal shoot up by several notches. Well what about a bulldozer?


Finally managed to bring another dapper guy on the sets.


Okay, no more fun now, let’s just go ahead and start building a good future together!


  • Meher Cheema’s Outfit-

Made with Square InstaPic

Hat: Accessorize

Lipper: Colorbar(Summer Pink 003)

Shirt: Veromoda

Jeans: Veromoda

Wedges: Momak

  • Aman Preet Singh Virk’s Outfit-

Made with Square InstaPic

Twill Plaid Shirt: Abercrombie

Printed T-shirt- Abof

Jeans- Tom Ford(Self Distressed)

Belt: Woodland

Slip on shoes: Vans

Watch: Timex Expedition Collection

  • Santwinder Singh Waraich’s Outfit-

Made with Square InstaPic

Solid White Half sleeved vest: Jockey

Shirt: Arrow

Jeans: Wrangler

High-ankle boots: Adidas Originals

Watch: Daniel Wellington

Try on these badarse outfits and end up dropping some jaws as your crew walks through a public place, we rocked these outfits at the heart of Chandigarh, Sector 17 Plaza.


Signing off for now. Stay sharp, keep styling!

Check out Meher’s work on her blog: www.wigglycurlywiggles.blogspot.com

You can also follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Shoot Courtesy- Guneet. Get in touch with her via Instagram for photoshoots.

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