The Vogueish Richness. Featuring: Bewakoof .

Hello hello there! Winter is up and running and it could not be a better time for us to collaborate with one of the biggest online shopping brands of the country, Bewakoof.
Bewakoof is a cool casual wear brand that just impressed us with the range and quality of their collection.
Get the best Joggers, V neck Tshirts, Pajamas, Boxers, Vests and Tank Tops, Hoodies, Casual shirts, Denim & Jeans and a lot more from this super brand, darn it! We’re excited for this one!
We bet you’re not ready for it… are ya? alright then, here we go!.
Santwinder decided to suit up in a classic way but also with a touch of excellence. For him, wearing blazer with plain white shirt is just too mainstream. So he is complementing a Rustic Denim Shirt with a navy blue blazer. Singh is also wearing red dotted tie teamed up with warm scarf/muffler around his neck that complements the dots of tie.
Reviewing this shirt, the fitting was perfect. Detail of the shirt, buttons, stitching, fabric feel, the build of the collar and cuffs were right on point. This is definitely what you want to look for in every dress shirt you buy!
Singh went ahead and got his hands on a white trouser and well for a glance to take, it was bang on!
Finishing up with a pair of slip-on shoes was another move to turn the heads for sure.
Focus on standing out rather than being a mainstream man. Stay tuned for more from this collaboration. Till then, it’s a good-bye from us with all smiles!
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