Monthly Archive: February, 2016

The Rustic Way.

Hello there! Hope everything is fine with y’all lovely people. We are finally saying a good-bye to the winters in India as the weather gets warmer each day. So the other day our Singh… Continue reading

The Sassy Mode. Featuring: Pataaka.

Hi again! We are back just as we promised. We recently collaborated with a cool Indian brand named Pataaka and reviewed their products in our last post. Just a brief, the accessories from… Continue reading

Array of Excellence. Featuring: Pataaka.

Hey there stylish people! We are back with a post from out recent collaboration with an uber brand, Pataaka. Pataaka is a new Indian brand that just impressed us with the range and… Continue reading

The Easy-Going Charm.

Winters! And the first thing that comes to our mind thinking about winter clothing is a sweater. And we bet sweaters will outnumber the other apparel in your winter wardrobe. So here’s one… Continue reading

Simplicity And Candour.

  Hi there Singh: Flash readers! We bet everything is working well on your side and you’re moving mountains with high spirits and dappered outfits. This post is not only special but something… Continue reading