Array of Excellence. Featuring: Pataaka.

Hey there stylish people! We are back with a post from out recent collaboration with an uber brand, Pataaka.

Pataaka is a new Indian brand that just impressed us with the range and quality of their collection. We received some shades and formal accessories from them and the built is prime! We just loved every single piece.

Our Singh is featuring The Punk Station Sunglasses in a formal outfit that oozes class.



Aman Preet Singh Virk is donning a formal attire that includes a solid white shirt with a pair of greyish-brown formal trousers to start with.


Aman is also wearing a printed tie, teamed up with a navy blue sleeveless cardigan and picked the same colour for his turban for this seriously dapper look.



Complementing the warm muffler/scarf with the trousers was just a brilliant idea that takes it to a whole new level of class.


Finishing up with a pair of long wingtip brogue shoes.



A stroll with this ensemble will definitely turn some heads.


Stay tuned for more from this collaboration. Till then, it’s a good-bye from us!

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