The Easy-Going Charm.

Winters! And the first thing that comes to our mind thinking about winter clothing is a sweater. And we bet sweaters will outnumber the other apparel in your winter wardrobe. So here’s one post that’ll raise your charm up by several notches with a simple black sweater in your outfit.

Aman Preet Singh Virk stands out with this classic casual look wearing pieces from his favourite label Ralph Lauren.


Aman is wearing a checked shirt from Ralph Lauren with button down collars. Pulled over a solid black sweater, also from Ralph Lauren’s label.

Singh is donning a warm scarf/muffler around his neck that complements the shade of green from the shirt.



Teaming up with a pair of chinos from CK gives the outfit a relaxed casual look. Finish it up with a pair of wingtip brogue shoes. Grab your clubmaster sunglasses for a look that will surely get you some attention.



Take a look at some more pictures.

We’ll keep bringing more for you. Stay sharp and keep styling!

Shoutout to Meher Cheema for these shots!

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