Swanking Elegance. Featuring: MR. BUTTON.

Hello people! Hope you’re having some good time being classy and boosting up your style game each day.

This being a seriously dapper collaboration with the Ultimate Men’s Style Destination, Mr.Button, had to be styled with some elegance and class. This post is one perfect example of effortless formal dressing.

Santwinder Singh Waraich is diplaying The Sweet Merlot Cotton Blazer from Mr.Button in his ensemble.


There is nothing more posh than keeping it simple, Santwinder’s attire is blue colour based, where most of his garms are navy blue. The Turban, Shirt and Trousers are matched in the base colour. Whats’s the catch?

Well, Santwinder has pulled over some twist with his sweet maroon double-breasted blazer. The term “double-breasted” refers to a coat or jacket with two parallel columns of buttons and overlapping front flaps. The typical double-breasted blazer has one to four rows of buttons, only one or two of which are functional. A “number-on-number” structure is used to describe the construction of a specific jacket, in which the first number is the total number of buttons and the second number is the number of fastening buttons below the lapel.



So, for example, in the case of the original double-breasted jacket with six buttons total and three to close, the term “six-on-three” would be used. Another functional button, called the jigger or anchor button, is concealed inside to hold the overlapped layers together and strengthen the fastening. The lapels are most often peaked, and the left lapel typically fastens over the right. That some information eh?

Getting back to this outfit, Santwinder has perfectly combined a tie and a pocket square, that complement, rather than matching each other. Top up your elegance with a pair of brogue shoes for this suave look.

Big things lined up for y’all, stay tuned!


Shoot courtesy- SB Photography.

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