Vision Of Panache. Featuring: MR.BUTTON.

Hello again! We have entered 2016 with some slick looks, suited up like a gentleman, we call this just a perfect start of the year as we collaborate with the Ultimate Men’s Style Destination, Mr.Button.

Mr.Button is one of the trending Indian brands that you have to look for. This is your place for some dandy Tuxedos, Jackets, Blazers, and almost everything that a man would love to don in his outfit.

We have a few classy blazers to feature for y’all from this collaboration. Starting with The Napoli Maverick Double Breasted Blazer. Reviewing this blazer, the fitting was perfect and the tailoring was a piece of art.


Aman Preet Singh Virk decided to style his blazer in a classic way but also adding a touch of excellence.

For Aman, wearing a blazer with a solid coloured shirt is just too mainstream, so Aman is rocking a Royal Blue Paisley printed shirt, teaming it up with a pair of brownish-grey formal trousers.



Further styling includes not just one but two pocket squares, shade one complements the paisley print from the shirt and shade two complements the fifty(a small band of cloth worn on the forehead). The turban colour is navy blue to match the colour of double-breasted blazer. Finishing up with a pair of semi brogue shoes.

We hope you like this look of a modern dandy man. Feel free to try different things, experiment new stuff and you might just end up dropping some jaws.

Wait for more from this collaboration. And just like we say, keep styling and stay sharp.

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