A Touch of Brilliance. Featuring: Ray & Dale.

A very Happy New Year to all our readers! We hope you bring out your best styles in 2016, and we promise to help you with that. So let’s just start right away with something real snazzy from our collaboration with a proudly Indian brand, Ray & Dale.

In our last post from this tie-up, The Royal Select, we displayed The Forbidden Fruit shirt from Ray & Dale‘s collection of luxury shirts and styled it an ethnic attire. We are now featuring some pieces of sheer sophistication from their collection of luxurious accessories.

Santwinder Singh Waraich decided to suit up and perfectly complement the outfit with some top-notch Ray & Dale accessories.

About the whole look, Santwinder is wearing a light blue solid shirt with a pair of navy blue chinos, simple aigh? Let’s start with the Man game now, Santwinder has pulled a slick off-white blazer just to get the canvas ready.


We see Singhs using the same old solid coloured ties and pocket squares, just bland. Our Singh will outclass you with his touch of brilliance, complementing his ensemble with The Maroon Medallion pocket square and French Squares tie from  Ray & Dale.

Here’s one suggestion, please do not match your tie and pocket square, we repeat, DO NOT MATCH YOUR TIE AND POCKET SQUARE. To complement and to match are two different things, we want you to complement the accessories, and not match them.


Just look at those details! The Maroon Medallion pocket square and French Squares tie just look perfect with this outfit. How can a Singh not look sharp in this?!

Now to finish up, pick a colour from your pocket square or your tie and match the turban with it, grab a pair of slip-on shoes with tassels. And here is your look of a heartthrob.


Don’t hesitate to try new and different things. Focus on standing out rather than being a mainstream man. Stay sharp! We’ll bring more for you soon.

Shoot courtesy- SB Photography.

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