Flashing: Singh’s Summer Adieu. Accessories By- TheBroCode.

Hello from Singh: Flash! We are back with a new post from our recent collaboration with TheBroCode and this time it is a look in a very dapper casual attire.

FlashMan Santwinder Singh Waraich brings out some bright colors for his ensemble. Santwinder has a red turban with a white fifty(small band of cloth worn on the forehead) that creates a link with the white stripes in The Roi Red with Pink and white stripes Knitted Tie from TheBroCode, over a very trendy solid pink shirt, teaming it up with a pair of jeans and a pair of brogues.

Surely gonna turn some heads!

Stay tuned for more, we’ll be back with something very special soon.

Pictures By- Ujwal Anand

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