Flashing: The Singh Supremacy.

A classic casual attire put together by FlashMan Aman Preet Singh Virk for a perfect day out with friends.
Starting from the top I am wearing a greenish-gray turban with a royal blue fifty to set that attire apart and bring the turban to the glance with that bright blue fifty(a small band of cloth that is visible on the forehead just under the Turban).
On the torso I am wearing a polo t-shirt with black currant and white stripes.
The bottom wear has a pair of creamish-white trousers that complement the white stripes from the t-shirt and bridges the look.

Finishing it up with a classic leather belt that has blocks of dark and light tan, and medium tanned watch that perfectly matches the pair of full brogues(wingtips). Ace!

Some classic captures by Ujwal Anand.

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